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K1493/TT/AB/007P Partnership agreement on work relating to Accelerators for Medical Applications
Partnership Agreement Contract Summary Appendix I: Project "First IDRA Unit"
ABC-2009-001; K822/ETT; K932; K1100/ETT/AB/AT/007P; K1117/ETT/AB/AT/007C; K1352/AT/092L; K1443/AB/007C.- External links: Partnership agreement; Contract Summary

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Agreement K1496/TT/AB/007P, Partnership CERN - MedAustron on work relating to the design, manufacturing, follow-up and construction of the MedAustron accelerator facility.
Collaboration agreement Contract summary  
ABC-2008-006.- External links: Agreement K1496-TT-AB-007P; Contract Summary

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COCKCROFT Institute (CI, CERN Collaboration in Accelerator Physics and Technologies) / Benedikt, M ; Bruning, O ; Collier, P ; Delahaye, J P ; Eriksson, T ; Garoby, R ; Geschonke, G ; Lindroos, M ; Zimmermann, F ; Myers, S
Collaboration between CI and CERN in Accelerator Physics and Technologies. Annex A : Participation in and assistance with LHC Beam Commissioning (CERN contact, P [...]
ABC-2008-005.- External link: Collaboration Agreement

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K1451 - Collaboration Agreement SLAC - CERN on High Gradient Research for Future Linear Colliders / Delahaye J.P.
Collaboration CERN and SLAC in R&D; on high gradient accelerator structures and rf power sources. Addendum 1: building and testing X-band accelerator structures Addendum 2: Design and fabrication of a 12 GHz klystron
ABC-2008-004; K1451/AB.- External link: Collaboration Agreement

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K860 - Amendment 2 to the R&D Agreement on Radioisotope Production for Nuclear Medicine / Losito R.
- 20071122 CERN/DSU-TT-2007-012 Memorandum, extension of Partnership Agreement between CERN and AAA - 20071212 Amendment 2 to K 860/ETT/SL - 20071213 Contract Summary K860-ETT-SL Amendment 2
ABC-2008-003; K860-ETT-SL.- External links: CERN/DSU-TT-2007-012 Extension of Partnership Agreement between CERN and AAA; K860-ETT-SL Amendment 2; Contract Summary K860

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K1496/TT/AB/007A / S. Myers
Agreement for the protection and exploitation of jointly owned intellectual property. Exploitation agreement between CERN, CNAO, INFN [...]
ABC-2008-002.- External links: Agreement; Contract Summary

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A Crystal Collimation Experiment (CCE) at the Tevatron / Assmann R. ; Myers S. ; Scandale W.
The primary goals of CCE are to: predict and then confirm changes, in particular improvements in the Tevatron collimation efficiency that are possible by replacing amorphous primary collimators with short bent crystals, test and confirm fundamental models of single-turn and multi-turn dynamics with impacts at the edge of the crystal (diffusive impact parameters are below one micron) explore and exploit newly understood phenomena, especially Volume Reflection..
ABC-2008-001.- External link: Memorandum of Understanding

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K1443 - MedAustron Collaboration Agreement / Benedikt M.
Collaboration agreement between CERN and the County of Lower Austria. Framework to enable the parties to collaborate in the following fields of common interest in radiation therapy: hadron therapy and clinical research; non-clinical research with particle beams
ABC-2007-012; K1443/TT/AB/007C.- External link: Collaboration Agreement

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K1415 - Accord de licence entre CERN-AB et Thales Electron Devices S.A. / Montesinos E. ; Linnecar T.
Cette prestation permettra un transfert des connaissances technologiques et scientifiques fondamentales vers le Licencié afin de faciliter l'intégration de la DIACRODE TH628 dans un circuit RF adapté..
ABC-2007-011; K1415/AB.- External link: Accord de Licence

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EURONS ISIBHI JRA / Scrivens R., Wenander F. ; Kuchler D.
Ion Sources for Intense Beams of Heavy Ions..
ABC-2007-010.- External link: I3 contract within EU 6th FP

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