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The LHC as a Neutrino-Ion Collider / Cruz-Martinez, Juan M. (CERN) ; Fieg, Max (UC, Irvine) ; Giani, Tommaso (Vrije U., Amsterdam ; NIKHEF, Amsterdam) ; Krack, Peter (Vrije U., Amsterdam ; NIKHEF, Amsterdam) ; Mäkelä, Toni (NCBJ, Warsaw) ; Rabemananjara, Tanjona (Vrije U., Amsterdam ; NIKHEF, Amsterdam) ; Rojo, Juan (Vrije U., Amsterdam ; NIKHEF, Amsterdam)
Proton-proton collisions at the LHC generate a high-intensity collimated beam of neutrinos in the forward (beam) direction, characterised by energies of up to several TeV. [...]
Nikhef-2023-009 ; CERN-TH-2023-165 ; arXiv:2309.09581.
- 37 p.

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Simulation-based inference for stochastic gravitational wave background data analysis / Alvey, James (U. Amsterdam, GRAPPA) ; Bhardwaj, Uddipta (U. Amsterdam, GRAPPA) ; Domcke, Valerie (CERN) ; Pieroni, Mauro (CERN) ; Weniger, Christoph (U. Amsterdam, GRAPPA)
The next generation of space- and ground-based facilities promise to reveal an entirely new picture of the gravitational wave sky: thousands of galactic and extragalactic binary signals, as well as stochastic gravitational wave backgrounds (SGWBs) of unresolved astrophysical and possibly cosmological signals. [...]
arXiv:2309.07954 ; CERN-TH-2023-167.
- 6 p.

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QED effects in inclusive semi-leptonic $B$ decays / Bigi, Dante ; Bordone, Marzia (CERN) ; Gambino, Paolo (Turin U. ; Munich, Max Planck Inst. ; Munich, Tech. U.) ; Haisch, Ulrich (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Piccione, Andrea (Turin U.)
We perform a detailed analysis of QED corrections to the total decay width and the electron energy spectrum of the inclusive semi-leptonic $B \to X_c e \nu$ decay. [...]
arXiv:2309.02849 ; CERN-TH-2023-145 ; MPP-2023-186.
- 40 p.

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Probing Neutral Triple Gauge Couplings with $Z^* \gamma\, (\nu \bar \nu \gamma)$ Production at Hadron Colliders / Ellis, John (King's Coll. London ; CERN ; Shanghai Jiao Tong U.) ; He, Hong-Jian (Shanghai Jiaotong U. ; Tsinghua U., Beijing ; Peking U.) ; Xiao, Rui-Qing (King's Coll. London ; Shanghai Jiao Tong U.)
We study probes of neutral triple gauge couplings (nTGCs) via $Z^*\gamma$ production followed by off-shell decays $Z^*\to\nu\bar{\nu}$ at the LHC and future $pp$ colliders, including both CP-conserving (CPC) and CP-violating (CPV) couplings. [...]
arXiv:2308.16887 ; KCL-PH-TH/2023-39 ; CERN-TH-2023-129.

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From the string vacuum to FLRW or de Sitter via $\alpha'$ corrections / Conzinu, P. (Pisa U. ; INFN, Pisa) ; Fanizza, G. (Lisbon U.) ; Gasperini, M. (Bari U. ; INFN, Bari) ; Pavone, E. (Bari U. ; INFN, Bari) ; Tedesco, L. (Bari U. ; INFN, Bari) ; Veneziano, G. (CERN ; College de France)
We first make more precise a recent "Hamiltonian" reformulation of the Hohm-Zwiebach approach to the tree-level, $O(d,d)$-invariant string cosmology equations at all orders in the $\alpha'$ expansion, and recall how it allows to give a simple characterization of a large class of cosmological scenarios connecting, through a non-singular bounce, two duality-related perturbative solutions at early and late times. [...]
arXiv:2308.16076 ; BA-TH/808-23 ; CERN-TH-2023-163.
- 30 p.

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Training Neural Networks with Universal Adiabatic Quantum Computing / Abel, Steve (Durham U., IPPP ; CERN) ; Criado, Juan Carlos (Granada U., Theor. Phys. Astrophys.) ; Spannowsky, Michael (Durham U., IPPP)
The training of neural networks (NNs) is a computationally intensive task requiring significant time and resources. [...]
arXiv:2308.13028 ; IPPP/23/46 ; CERN-TH-2023-162.
- 14 p.

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Graviton detection and the quantization of gravity / Carney, Daniel (LBNL, Berkeley) ; Domcke, Valerie (CERN) ; Rodd, Nicholas L. (CERN)
We revisit a question asked by Dyson: "Is a graviton detectable?" We demonstrate that in both Dyson's original sense and in a more modern measurement-theoretic sense, it is possible to construct a detector sensitive to single gravitons, and in fact a variety of existing and near-term gravitational wave detectors can achieve this. [...]
arXiv:2308.12988 ; CERN-TH-2023-155.
- 7 p.

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A Survey of Neutrino Flavor Models and the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Funnel / Denton, Peter B. (Brookhaven) ; Gehrlein, Julia (Colorado State U., Fort Collins ; CERN ; Brookhaven)
The neutrinoless double beta decay experimental effort continues to make tremendous progress with hopes of covering the inverted neutrino mass hierarchy in coming years and pushing from the quasi-degenerate hierarchy into the normal hierarchy. [...]
arXiv:2308.09737 ; CERN-TH-2023-160 ; CETUP-2023-006.
- 42 p.

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Reconstructing $S$-matrix Phases with Machine Learning / Dersy, Aurélien (Harvard U. ; IAIFI, Cambridge) ; Schwartz, Matthew D. (Harvard U. ; IAIFI, Cambridge) ; Zhiboedov, Alexander
An important element of the $S$-matrix bootstrap program is the relationship between the modulus of an $S$-matrix element and its phase. [...]
arXiv:2308.09451 ; CERN-TH-2023-161.
- 43 p.

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What is the source of the PTA GW signal? / Ellis, John (NICPB, Tallinn ; King's Coll. London ; CERN) ; Fairbairn, Malcolm (King's Coll. London) ; Franciolini, Gabriele (Rome U. ; INFN, Rome) ; Hütsi, Gert (NICPB, Tallinn) ; Iovino, Antonio (NICPB, Tallinn ; Rome U. ; INFN, Rome) ; Lewicki, Marek (Warsaw U.) ; Raidal, Martti (NICPB, Tallinn) ; Urrutia, Juan (NICPB, Tallinn ; Tallinn U. Tech.) ; Vaskonen, Ville (NICPB, Tallinn ; Padua U. ; INFN, Padua) ; Veermäe, Hardi (NICPB, Tallinn)
The most conservative interpretation of the nHz stochastic gravitational wave background (SGWB) discovered by NANOGrav and other Pulsar Timing Array (PTA) Collaborations is astrophysical, namely that it originates from supermassive black hole (SMBH) binaries. [...]
arXiv:2308.08546 ; KCL-PH-TH/2023-43 ; CERN-TH-2023-153 ; AION-REPORT/2023-08.
- 15 p.

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